Home Robot

In 2002, the first-ever robot for home automation hit the shelves: The Roomba vacuum cleaner. Since then, we have come a long way. And now, there are plenty of home robots available for anyone to purchase and we list some of them most popular ones below. These are just 13 of them.

In no particular order and all available from Amazon:


Redeveloped, Roomba is now controllable on your mobile phone via WiFi, or you can link it to your Alexa and Google Voice Assistant device. As well as cleaning your home, it will identify and remember areas that are particularly dirty, like high-traffic areas. It can plug itself in for charging and will then resume once the battery is charged.

Roomba costs approximately $275.

Cue the CleverBotCue the CleverBot

Just 9.5 inches tall, Cue the CleverBot comes with emotional intelligence, allowing it to develop one of three programmable personalities. Interaction is via text message and it can tell you jokes, respond with witty comments and even a meme or two.

Cue the CleverBot costs approximately $180.

Alfawise MagneticAlfawise Magnetic

Roomba isn’t the only housework robot. Alfawise Magnetic comes equipped with microfiber pads that allow it to clean your windows, and it has suction features to stop it falling off when it hangs on your window vertically.

Alfawise Magnetic costs approximately $160.

Segway miniProSegway miniPro

The Segway miniPro is a hands-free scooter that has the balance of a hoverboard and safety levels of an electric scooter. It is hands-free, all you do is press the middle bar with your knees to control it. It has precision sensors for balance, and you can control it via your smartphone using an app that has an anti-theft feature.

The Segway miniPro costs approximately $600.

Worx LandroidWorx Landroid

Worx Landroid is a robotic lawnmower, designed to keep your lawn trimmed up every day. For starters, it isn’t loud. And when it starts raining or the battery starts to run low, it will return to its charging station by itself.

Worx Landroid costs approximately $917.

Beam Smart Presence SystemBeam Smart Presence System

Beam is the ultimate in spying and security, the robot that is there when you aren’t. With the ability to navigate by itself on a physical body with a video screen attached, Beam can be used by employers to check up on employees, by parents to make sure their kids are doing their homework and behaving, and friends that are miles apart can get together easier and much more. In short, Beam is the personal assistant that brings everything together.

Beam Smart Presence costs approximately $1995.


Stormtrooper is a robot that you can control using voice commands. It can navigate your home without bumping into anything, and it can recognize faces, also able to tell if you deem a person a friend, an enemy, or just a stranger.

Stormtrooper costs approximately $300.


Lynx has the same capabilities as Alexa to continually evolve, which means you can get your weather forecasts from it, play music, draw up shopping lists and to-do lists. Lynx can teach you some dance moves as well as yoga, and it also comes with a few security features. It can record 30-second video if movement is detected when you are not there, and it will send that footage straight to your smartphone.

Lynx costs approximately $800.

Appbot Riley 2.0Appbot Riley 2.0

Appbot Riley is a home security system, a solution for those cameras and alarms that don’t cover your entire home. Using a WiFi connection, Riley will navigate your home with motion detectors and a night-vision camera, looking for anything suspicious. It can send alerts straight to your smartphone and, with its built-in microphone you can also listen in or check in with anyone who may be at home.

Riley costs approximately $170.


Cozmo is the perfect companion for your child. A tiny robot, it is AI-powered and has a unique personality that adapts the longer it is with its owner. Its eyes are video cameras so you can see what Cozmo sees from your smartphone. It is also an educational tool that can play games or help your child learn to code.

Cozmo costs approximately $150.

Dolphin Nautilus PlusDolphin Nautilus Plus

A small robot, Dolphin is your very own pool boy. It is equipped with scrubbing and vacuuming elements that it can switch by itself. Dolphin is designed to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Dolphin Nautilus costs approximately $750.


Want a dog but don’t have the time for a real one? CHiP is your friendly automated robot dog, one that you can train to do tricks, sit, play fetch and more. It can nuzzle you, show you affection, and be your best friend.

CHiP costs approximately $100.


MiP is your very own personal home robot. Responding to both smartphone commands and hand gestures, MiP can fetch and carry all day for you. And it works off Bluetooth and has its very own carry-tray built-in.

MiP costs approximately $50.

These are just some of the very best home robots available right now.

As you can see, there isn’t much a robot can’t do for you. And, as these marvelous creations continue to evolve and as developers move onwards with new technology and programming, we can expect the robots to become more intelligent — perhaps to the level where you don’t have to lift a finger in your own home.