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Terminator: Dark Fate Could Mislead Public On AI


Terminator: Dark Fate is sending shockwaves through the world. Particularly AI research labs. And that is because not everyone is pleased with this new film, with some terming it as a risk to how people perceive AI.

Or rather, the dangers of the AI technology.

BBC has it on good authority that researches in labs at the University of Cambridge, Facebook and Amazon, fear that this latest film in the Terminator franchise could mislead the public on the actual dangers of artificial intelligence.

Prof Bengio is saying it straight.

Often called one of the “godfathers of AI” for his work on deep learning in the 1990s and 2000s, he believes that sci-fi apocalyptic films like Terminator can generate misplaces fears of uncontrollable AI:

“They paint a picture which is really not coherent with the current understanding of how AI systems are built today and in the foreseeable future. We are very far from super-intelligent AI systems and there may even be fundamental obstacles to get much beyond human intelligence.”

Other experts are voicing the same opinion.

Which is not something that is new, far from it.

While some believe that AI will change how wars are fought, there are many who are opposed to the rise of killer robots and are actively taking steps to craft regulations against them. Then there are folks who are already predicting a Blade Runner future, while others are more optimistic in their forecasts.

But one thing is for sure.

The AI community is very much unsure how quickly machine intelligence will advance within the next five years, let alone during the next decade or two.

Furthermore, scepticism also exists in the community about whether artificial intelligence systems will ever achieve the same level of intelligence as humans, or indeed whether that is something that would be desirable for the general public.

Much to ponder!

Written by Melanie Russell

Melanie Russel lives in rural North Carolina. With a degree in statistics, his research interests include probability theory, time series analysis and network flow dynamics. When not geeking out over AI technologies, she is likely to be geeking over film, software or pretending to play the guitar.


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