Taiwan To Open A Giant AI Business Park


For decades, Taiwan has been known to the world as a hub for hardware. But with plans for a giant AI business park, it looks like the country is ready to make the swivel to artificial intelligence.

To initiate the spark, the government of Hsinchu County, near Taipei, has confirmed plans to open a 126,000-square-meter AI business park near one of Taiwan’s major all-purpose high-tech zones and two top universities.

Officials decline to comment on the number of companies the park would accommodate, but you can get an idea considering this is about 1.3 million square feet of prime space.

As Shirley Tsai, a research manager with IDC Taiwan’s enterprise solution group notes:

“The park will not just help promote industry-academia cooperation, but also let AI-oriented startups and companies have a demo space to verify AI product services. It will be helpful as well to attract the companies who are interested in the AI field and then accelerating the AI ecosystem.”

This shift, reduces the reliance on hardware, of course.

But it will nevertheless allow the island to make the most of its inexpensive engineering talent. More so, as companies like Google and Microsoft have expressed intentions to develop AI research and development centers in Taiwan.

These companies are picking Taiwan over other markets in Asia, for the very simple reason that the country has an abundance of capable and cheaper software engineers.

To help meet this demand, the country’s cabinet announced plans to train 10,000 AI workers per year.

Not a bad place to be.

Written by Fahad Ali

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