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We focus on Robots and Robotics but also, today, everyone’s talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it’s going to change the way we conduct business, and live our lives, forever.

It’s rapidly shaping up to be the single biggest technology revolution the world has ever seen. It’s a completely new factor of production, capable of driving business growth by augmenting natural human expertise, taking automation to new places, and diffusing innovation throughout society.

In its wake, it’s creating a fast-paced, ever-shifting, competitive investment and research landscape. Private investment is booming, as companies continue to scale and industrialize their AI applications.

Investments in Robotics and AI
Investments in Robotics and AI

A new cohort of AI-first businesses is flowing into the market, shifting the competitive landscape for incumbents. And as many as three-quarters of executives say that some kind of AI will be actively implemented in their organization within three years.

It’s happening because AI technologies are finally hitting the mainstream. Thanks to the combined effect of unprecedented levels of technology innovation in so many different fields, today’s AI applications can make use of virtually unlimited cloud processing, exponentially faster custom-designed chips, and ever greater levels of computational efficiency.

Combined with Robotics, the world is on the verge of a massive increase in efficiency and productivity.

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