School Robotics Programs Seeing An Uptick

School Robotics

A silent robotics revolution is brewing! Schools and colleges have now started to emphasize robotics education. As a result, robotics programs are now one of the fastest growing extra-curricular activities at local schools throughout the country.

There are still a few hurdles to overcome, primarily pertaining to personnel.

Institutions are still finding it hard to find the right coaches for their team. But schools are soliciting volunteers for help, and look for someone who might like to be a second coach. Volunteers are also helping with marketing efforts.

All this and more has been covered in this piece, which highlights how robotics is a domain that challenges students to put all what they have learned to use — in fields like science, technology, engineering and math.

These skills combined, are what they need to get their robot to perform specific tasks.

It is this high competitiveness that is drawing students in, and the knowledge that they gain is helping them not only in the classroom, but also gearing up their preparations as to take the steps towards the next level of their education.

If anything, one of the main factors that makes robotics programs successful is the fact that students all have to perform different tasks.

Not everyone will be coding the robot, or driving it. Some students will handle marketing and presentation, others will take care of the hardware and design.

It’s all very interesting, and an excellent read if you want to keep up with how robotics is changing the education field from the inside out.

Do it.

Written by Elaine Chang

Elaine has held various leadership roles in a number of cloud and enterprise solution providers. Elaine is also a great teller of stories, but not all of them are true. Ms. Chang and her husband call the Chicago area home.


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