Robots Are Ushering In The Lights Out Datacenters

Lights Out Datacenter

Robots running datacenters? Helping with the regular maintenance of the network infrastructure? Well, this reality may be closer than you think, as these machines are leading the way to this possibility.

This possibility of what is called the lights out datacenter.

The idea of using robots to automate complex datacenter operations has been the object of years of experiments and several proofs of concepts. A fair few companies have also demonstrated their robotic systems that help create unmanned datacenter.

Including the likes of TMGcore, which recently demonstrated a robotic system that can replace server housed in an immersion cooling tank.

But as this detailed article illustrates, we may be on the verge of a new frontier in datacenter automation.

This, when the concept itself dates way back — it was all the way back in 2006 that HP actually announced plans to move to a lights-out model. AOL also created a small, completely automated, and unstaffed datacenter five years later.

Fast forward to now, where we have companies like Wave2Wave who have created robotic optical fiber switches, the connections on which can be managed using robotic arms.

Interestingly, but not unsurprisingly, the frontlines of this transition to robot server management are in the field of immersion cooling. Datacenters that have servers dunked into a tank of liquid cooling are at the forefront of unnamed management powered by AI and robots.

Read the article for the latest industry trends, and how datacenters facilities are accommodating diverse robotic equipment.

These may be early days of robotics in the datacenter, but as the piece makes the case, the greatest potential in this space is yet to come.

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