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The modern definition of the word, “robot”, is an electro-mechanical device that carries out tasks as per a set of programmed instructions but the literal definition is “slave”. Robots were once the thing of science fiction movies and books but not all robots look like the Cyborgs from Doctor Who – they take many forms and there are thousands of them in use the world over, right now.

For some people, the first thing they think of when they talk about robotics is automation. We know that robots are used for repetitive tasks without the need for human intervention, with the exception of programming the robot to do its task and providing it with a set of instructions.

Robots can be constructed quite simply or they can be incredibly complex. They can be small or absolutely massive but they all share the same characteristics, joint types, coordinates, and degrees of freedom and, if you don’t understand all that yet, you will by the time you’re done with this site.

One of the biggest fears we have is that robots are going to take over our jobs and our lives and while there is a small degree of truth in that, on the whole, they will actually bring about a whole heap of improvements. In fact, they already are.

Robots are employed in industries across the world, doing repetitive, mundane work and freeing up employees to focus on the real value in their jobs. They work in areas where it is too dangerous to humans, environments of extreme temperatures, radioactive areas, in bomb disposal, space, underwater and more.

They are cost-effective because they don’t need breaks, they don’t need safety equipment and they can work in many different areas. They don’t get RSI, they don’t get affected by breathing in chemicals, can work under pressure and they can work 24/7 – all things that affect human beings.

Yes, they are taking some jobs but, rather than seeing us all out of work eventually, robots will actually create more jobs than they take – jobs that are specialized and safer to do.

Robotics is the study and work of engineers to make machines capable of doing jobs that humans do with better precision, of doing the complicated and repetitive tasks that we really don’t want to do. And it is a technology that is leaping forward. Now robots are being developed that will be able to sense their environment, make decisions on what to do and, in the future, we expect to see more humanoid robots that act and look just like humans.

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