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Robotics isn’t all sexy – a Robotic Automated Pizza company raises 5 million bucks

Robotics startup Picnic, known for its automated pizza assembly system, raises $5 million

Interesting from Techcrunch.

Picnic, a robotics startup that focuses on food production, announced today that it has raised $5 million in additional seed funding.

The new round was led by Creative Ventures, with participation from Flying Fish Partners and Vulcan Capital.

The new funding will be used for product development, hiring and marketing.

Picnic is known for an automated pizza assembly system that launched in October.

The configurable, modular platform currently focuses on high-volume pizza production and can reach rates of up to 180 18-inch pizzas or 300 12-inch pizzas an hour. The system fits into existing kitchen layouts, including food trucks and kiosks, and integrates with Picnic’s software to provide backend data and cloud analytics that help with consistency, speed and reducing food waste.

Picnic operates on a “robotics-as-a-service” model, with users paying for the system on a subscription basis. The pizza assembly system’s first customers were Centerplate, a food and hospitality provider for large event venues, and Washington-based restaurant chain Zaucer Pizza.

This is a niche that is not sexy or talked about often but AI and Robotics are capable of making great changes to our society in very simple ways.

Food production is a great and simple example of how these changes can be all encompassing and can impact society positively.

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