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Humans Could Bond Emotionally with Artificial Intelligence

And even marry a robot one day, according to Dr. Maciej Musial from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poland.


And even marry a robot one day, according to Dr. Maciej Musial from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poland.

He claims that with artificial intelligence tech on the rise, we could one day find that robots are the target of human affection. Dr. Musial specializes in bonds between humans and machines and believes that we are already just a little bit in love with the technology – after all, most of us are attached to a smartphone or some other gadget.

He says, “A new phenomenon that is becoming more frequent is the forming of emotional relations with artificial intelligence under different guises. It’s worth noting the attitude people have towards robots is typically linked to two mechanisms, which often refer to peoples’ attitudes towards other objects but rarely do they appear together: emotional attachment and animation; that is, giving them the characteristics of living beings.”

The philosopher claims that research has shown people are already bonding with automatic vacuums and other AI-powered household appliances, leaving their houses untidy or even doing the job themselves if they feel like the robot is in a bad mood.

He also believes that the boundaries are blurring between the real and digital worlds, between what is real and what is a simulation.

“In this way, relationships in virtual realities are often seen as equally real and more satisfying than traditional relationships. On the other hand, relations with robots that do not have feelings or awareness, but reliably simulate them, are seen as not significantly different from relationships with people.”

Not all experts are in agreement that machines will ever be able to show genuine emotion that lets them express love. And most agree that super-intelligent artificial intelligence is highly unlikely to ever express human emotion such as love or hate.

What do you think? Got any plans to marry a robot in the future?

Written by Ann Reynolds


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