Clearpath Dingo Indoor Research Robot Is In The House


Clearpath Robotics have just launched an indoor research robot, that goes by the name of Dingo. This compact and lightweight bot is aimed to accelerate both robotics research and education.

The company unveiled its latest creation at the International Conference for Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Macau.

As a matter of fact, this has been designed as a complete, new platform. The goal of which is to provide an affordable low-cost option for researchers that seek to develop autonomous mobile robots, mobile manipulation, mapping, and multi-robot systems.

It is also extensible and programmable — and most importantly, modular.

Clearpath Robotics

Julian Ware, general manager at Clearpath Robotics:

“Dingo offers the reliability and flexibility our customers expect from a Clearpath robot, at an approachable price point. We have seen a gap in the market for a system with these capabilities and believe Dingo is an affordable, ROS-ready indoor platform suitable for benchtop and laboratory testing. The lower cost also makes the use of multi-robot systems more accessible than with other robots.”

Clearpath says that the design of the machine and accompanying tutorials also make it ideal for classroom and lab teaching.

In terms of technical specifications, this robot can reach speeds up to 1.3 meters per second, and carry payloads up to 20 kg. The system also comes equipped with wheel encoders, as well as programmable front-facing LED lights and a payload mounting system.

Thanks to its modular approach Dingo is available in a variety of different computing options, and users also have the ability to greatly upgrade battery power and customize the robot to their specific application.

Like other Clearpath Robotics mobile robots, Dingo comes preconfigured with the Robot Operating System (ROS). It also comes with a Gazebo simulation model that can be used by researchers to quickly get started with existing research.

Find out more about this marvel here.

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