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Boston Dynamics robot soldier video was a hoax

Egg on our face but it was awesome

So I posted a video that was making the rounds with almost 1.5 million impressions and it seemed to be something legit from Boston Dynamics.

Welcome to the internet my friends! It was a hoax but beautifully done it seems. The devil it seems was in the details as they spelled their captions on the video “Bosstown dynamics” and they released a follow up video showing how they got away with this skullduggery.

The video was done by a group called the Corridor Crew and you can find their YouTube channel right here.

The special effects were quite brilliantly done and while we were all duped it’s both awesome and sad at the same time.

Awesome because they definitely pushed the limit with special effects and were able to fool a lot of us. Sad because it shows there are still limitations to what humanoid robots can do at this time.

A great look at the future and cheers to this group! Great job done.

Written by Onuora Amobi


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