Bear Robotics Raises $32 Million For Robot Waiters

Bear Robotics Restaurant

Remember Bear Robotics? The California-based startup that has been developing robots to deliver food to restaurant customers? Well, they just raised a sweet $32 million for their efforts.

Last we checked, they were lining up their robot waiters to transform the restaurant industry.

And apparently, their latest round was led by SoftBank Group, and they recently closed their Series A funding. The filing actually listed a $35.8 million target. But seeing as how much interest this space has been getting lately, the final numbers come as no surprise.

You may soon be able to see some Bear Robotics creations serving you piping hot food in your favorite place.

TechCrunch actually has more on this, beyond the funding picture.

Bear Robotics Logo

A fairly detailed interview with Bear Robotics founder and CEO John Ha, who was a former Intel research scientist turned technical lead at Google, and who not too long ago opened and closed his own restaurant.

He talks more about the company and its robot servers, detailing how much he was surprised by the hard work and repetitive tasks involved in running an eatery. Restaurants may be selling food, but most of their time is spent hiring people and people not showing up.

It is this that led to this venture, the creation of a robot that not many would care about, one that would serve as a sidekick to the restaurant staff.

Ha also talks about how they are thinking about creating a 100% plastic robot, how these robots will be manufactured somewhere in Asia, and why they have opted to lease these robots to restaurants for a monthly subscription fee.

Some good stuff there, so be sure to give it a read.

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