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Amazon to Use Robotic Drones to Make Deliveries Within 30 Minutes

If Amazon has one plan, its to get you to spend more of your money with them

If Amazon has one plan, it’s to get you to spend more of your money with them. And they are spending an absolute fortune on getting your orders to you much quicker. In 2009 alone, the online giant will drop $35 billion just on shipping costs, over double what it spent in 2017.

And they’ve just warned investors to expect a further $1.5 billion to be spent on this year’s holiday season as they work to get all Prime members onto one-day shipping. Amazon’s profits are shrinking but their plans for this year are nothing compared to what they want in the future.

No, they want you to get anything you order within 30 minutes. Jeff Wilke, Amazon CEO of Worldwide Consumer, had this to say:

“When we have a full drone fleet you’ll be able to order anything and get it in 30 minutes if you live near a hub that’s serviced by drones. “That’s only possible because of robotics.”

That’s going to take a damn lot of robots!

Amazon already has one of the most expensive systems of fulfillment centers in the world and they have one critical advantage – robots. Their buildings are that much faster, that much more efficient and that is what could lead the way to within-the-hour deliveries in the future.

The company is already testing out sidewalk delivery robots, self-driving vehicles and more but to speed their delivery times up even more is going to take hundreds upon hundreds of robots. And that could lead to more problems – if anything goes wrong with their robots, well, the public has plenty of other delivery options to choose from and it could seriously backfire on a company that is constantly expanding and constantly pushing the boundaries.

What do you think? Can Amazon pull this off or is it just another plan that’s destined to fail?

Written by Ann Reynolds


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