AI Robots Are Helping With Recycling


Artificial intelligence powered robots are taking on waste processing and recycling, with a growing number of startups raising money to improve on these robotic creations.

Creations that can identify, sort, and process waste.

One such company is AMP Robotics, a company focused on transforming the economics of recycling with AI guided robots that automate the waste management process. And it is one of at least 25 companies currently active in the smart waste management field.

According to the company, these robots train themselves by processing millions of material images via an ever-expanding neural network.

This, it says allows these robots to process municipal solid waste, waste from electronics, as well as construction debris at a speed of 80 items per minute — twice as fast as humans.

AMP Robotics Logo

No surprises then, that the Denver, Colorado-based company has raised $16 million in Series A on Thursday, bringing its total funding to $22.6 million.

Founded in 2015, AMP Robotics has now announced further expansion of AI guided robots, with a  recent unveiling of the first installation of its AMP systems at a materials recovery facility in Florida, the first of its kind in the state.

Once the new systems are installed, this will be the largest application of AI enabled robots for recycling in the United States. AMP also expanded globally this year by bringing robotic recycling to Japan.

Not bad, for a new entrant in this very dynamic field.

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