AI Predicted Billie Eilish Grammy Win

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish was not the only big winner at the Grammy awards on Sunday. AI technology also secured some big wins, both on the red carpet and by predicting the winner of Record of the Year.

The 62nd annual Grammys were a tightly packed affair, as always.

But while singing sensation Billie Eilish won big at her first Grammy awards, swept it practically by becoming the youngest person ever to nominated for all four awards at the same time, a data science company called DataRobot was also in on the act.

It successfully picked her as the record of the year winner, pegging her as a close second for song of the year.

As reported, the DataRobot enterprise AI platform predicted the winners for song and record of the year by leveraging machine-learning models to learn from the past to predict the future — which in the case of Grammy predictions, are the past are previous nominees and winners.

Taylor Larkin, a data scientist with the company explains:

“Using historical data about the Grammy nominees and winners dating back to 1959, I gave this information to DataRobot, which created hundreds of candidate machine-learning models. I then selected the model that had the best performance on the five most recent award ceremonies.”


Additionally, IBM also sprinkled some AI magic at the Grammys.

A team at the enterprise giant took over 18 million documents and data sources on this year’s nominees and distilled them down to the most interesting nuggets about each of the artists to create a modern-day version of the 90s Pop Up Video.

Pulling from those millions of data sources, IBM displayed information cards about the artist in real-time with relevant information about the artist for viewers to be able to immediately see interesting tidbits of information.

More marvelous.

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