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Adobe Unveils AI Powered Photoshop Camera App

Photoshop Camera App

Social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have taken the world by storm when it comes to photo editing. With the Photoshop Camera app, Adobe too has joined the party with an AI powered solution.

The company announced this new app today, detailing how it makes use of artificial intelligence to make advanced photo editing accessible to anyone with a smartphone. This app will not replace Photoshop for the professionals, even on mobile devices, but it does bring a remarkable set of features.

This is an AI-driven photo-editing app for iOS and Android.

Photoshop Camera Lenses

How it works is that you simply take a picture and the application will almost instantly analyze it and offer a whole array of potential enhancements — from basics like shadows and highlight tweaks, to more complicated things like swapping out the sky in a complicated cityscape.

See for yourself:

Photoshop Camera works its magic by recognizing what is in the photo, and then serves up the most relevant lenses up to the top. These lenses are filters, quite similar to the ones that you see in other popular apps.

All these lenses and effects are non-destructive, meaning you can easily roll back any changes that the application makes.

Powering the AI is years and years of data.

Adobe, obviously, is in possession of hundreds of millions of photos in its stock photo collection, along with the data on which of these photos people tend to buy and use. All this information helps the artificial intelligence technology in Photoshop Camera identify images and apply tweaks.

The only catch is that this amazing new app is going to be in preview mode until sometimes in 2020.

You can sign up for the preview by clicking here.

Written by Melanie Russell

Melanie Russel lives in rural North Carolina. With a degree in statistics, his research interests include probability theory, time series analysis and network flow dynamics. When not geeking out over AI technologies, she is likely to be geeking over film, software or pretending to play the guitar.


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