7 Cutest Robots Out There

Cute Robot

While there is no shortage of voices suggesting a Skynet level danger due to unchecked applications of robotics and AI, you can also find robots that are as cute and user friendly as they come.

In fact, many companies are making extra efforts to make their robotic creations look friendly.

Whether that be robots that run restaurants or deliver food, help with healthcare, or just simply offer companionship, there is no shortage of cute creations that would not be out of place in a blockbuster movie.

This interesting little article takes a look at 7 of the most heart-melting robots that are available right now and are vying for your attention.

You will have to take a look at the piece for the full details.

But thing start with the Primer V2 robot developed by a Japanese roboticist that is able to ride a bicycle in much the same way as a human. It has a gyroscope attached to it that lets it calculate how sharply it needs to turn to remain balanced.

And then there is the Hexa robot that carries a plant and chases the sun. This droid moves towards sunlight so that the plant that is attached to it remains healthy. It can move towards the sun when needed, and even performs a cute little dance.

There is even an actual real-life R2-D2 in the form of Vector.

Created by robotics company Anki, this is a designed to be an adorable sidekick that can help you with daily tasks, and comes with a Qualcomm processor, an HD camera, a microphone array, and even a high-resolution color display.

There are more such creations in the list above, so be sure to give it a scan.

And take a look at what’s cooking on the other side of killer robots.

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